Thiossane Drummers

Meet Carlton Pope

Name? Carlton Pope

What city are you from? Columbus, Ohio

When did you join Thiossane?

Originally started with ABCDE, then became an original member of Thiossane Institute

When you think of Thiossane, what immediately comes to mind? What does Thiossane mean to you?

I think of the lineage of the [Diasporic] culture itself and bridging the gaps between known history and lost history. Thiossane teaches us about the roots and richness of culture. Just like a tree, its story doesn’t start from the ground – it starts from the roots.

Of all the Thiossane values (appropriateness, respect, knowledge, adaptability, restraint, and excellence), which one do you feel the most during your time in the company? Why?

All six governing values are the basis for the company. They operate in tandem and are not distinct. None are more important than the others. More than learning the words or their meanings, you have to live them.

What do you see as your role in Thiossane?

Multi-purposed (Drummer, dancer)

What do you hope to bring to Thiossane as a dancer/drummer?

I bring a creative eye and a creative energy, a different perspective. I try to relate the African experience from the Continent with the African experience in the Americas and make the connections between different communities within the Diaspora.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 15 years with Thiossane? How do you imagine the future of Thiossane?

I would love to see the company connect more nationally and becoming a standard. I think that Thiossane can go into the academy to help with learning and specific forms of cultural and sociological research.