Meet Lori Conner

Name? Lori Conner

What city are you from? Youngstown, Ohio

When did you join Thiossane?

Started in community classes in 2003; joined the company circa 2006

When you think of Thiossane, what immediately comes to mind? What does Thiossane mean to you?

Fun, family, spirit, therapy… The rehearsals are very therapeutic for me. You can become one with the dance and with the music, and it offers a sense of release from whatever I might be experiencing outside of Thiossane.

Of all the Thiossane values (appropriateness, respect, knowledge, adaptability, restraint, and excellence), which one do you feel the most during your time in the company? Why?

Knowledge. It has brought a part of my culture to my life that I didn’t have and opened up avenues that I probably never would have had. I felt like I fit into the culture, not that I had to adjust to fit into it.

What do you see as your role in Thiossane? (Dancer, drummer, other?) Company Dancer

What do you hope to bring to Thiossane as a dancer?

I bring a bit of sunshine to everyone. I am a person who is uplifting; that’s just how I was made. So when like a person is a little down or having a rough day, I feel compelled to help them through it and maybe see a different approach to things.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 15 years with Thiossane? How do you imagine the future of Thiossane?

I hope to see us continue to grow and continue to touch the lives of the young people. It’s been wonderful watching the teenagers develop because when I first saw them, they were young people. So I just want to watch the company grow and continue to thrive.