Senior Company

Senior Company

Presenting Traditional African Dance, Music, and Culture

Senior CompanyMembers of the 12 year company is comprised of professional and pre professional individuals, whose passion for dance and culture serves as a catalyst in implementing the mission of the Institute. Members are dedicated to the study and authenticity of this art form. Our performances are full-scaled presentation complete with authentic attire, songs and musicians. The presentation begins with a drum call and explanation of the dances and their origins through narration and print. Our artistic outreach entities includes; dance workshops with instruction of basic movement, introduction of dance origins that will provide an opportunity to understand the language of the music as it relates to the movements. Lecture and Demonstrations presentation will enlighten the audiences on the historical significance of African dance and drum, particularly to West African. The presentations are flexible for Q&A following 60 – 90 minutes programs.

Senior Company Members

Carlton Pope

Kevin Seals

Quianna Simspon

Najiyyah Muqtasid

Jesse Jackson II

Charlette Keuchler

Cherelle Brown

Jessica Whitten

Keisha Moorehead

Coral Bealer

Nia Adjowa Sheard

Shamba Muhammad

Candice Williams Bethea

Kenneth Eaddy