Meet Kevin Seals

Name? Kevin Seals

What city are you from? Columbus, Ohio

When did you join Thiossane?

Originally started with ABCDE at age 12, then returned in 2009 after going to college

When you think of Thiossane, what immediately comes to mind? What does Thiossane mean to you?

West African culture – its music, dance, and food. Then I would have to say family.

Of all the Thiossane values (appropriateness, respect, knowledge, adaptability, restraint, and excellence), which one do you feel the most during your time in the company? Why?

Appropriateness, mainly because that is how I was introduced to West African dance. I used to go to the Beatty Recreation Center all the time and I knew one of the other company members. One day we were outside and I called her name and when she turned to look, I mooned her. Ms. Suzan and Mrs. Yvette saw me and called me over. And after they scolded me, they told me to come to the dance camp. I came the next day and never left.

What do you see as your role in Thiossane? (Dancer, drummer, other?)

Company Drummer

What do you hope to bring to Thiossane as a drummer?

I bring leadership to Thiossane. I take drumming very seriously. I have fun with it, obviously, but I take it seriously and hope to serve as a leader in that capacity.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 15 years with Thiossane? How do you imagine the future of Thiossane?

I think we’ll be bigger and better. I would love to see us become a traveling company and take our performances on the road.