Director Suzan Bradford Kounta: Ohio State Community Partner

Thiossane Institute’s director Ms. Suzan Bradford Kounta is a community partner for the Dance Department at The Ohio State University. Read about her accomplishments and see her new work set on OSU students and performed in Brazil.




Co-founder and Artistic Director of Thiossane West African Dance Institute Suzan Bradford Kounta is a dancer, instructor and choreographer of traditional West African Dance. In spring 2018, Ohio State Dance students had the privilege of opting for Kounta’s traditional West African class for their movement practice in lieu of ballet. The class offered students an in depth understanding of the musicality, techniques and relevance of traditional West African dance as it relates to authentic movement and its influences in other dance forms. Accomplished musicians of this traditional art form Jesse “Krate” Jackson and Kevin Seals accompanied each class for a full and rich experience. The curriculum included rhythms and techniques from the countries of Mali, Senegal and Guinea. (read more here)